Competitive Team

Our elite players represent Team Singapore at home and overseas in international disabled lawn bowls events governed by the International Bowls for the Disabled, a recognized association of World Bowls.

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Learn to Play

Lawn Bowls is a sport that ANYONE can play – any age, gender or physical ability. Isn’t that IncrediBOWL?! So what is stopping you? Time to grab a friend and together you can learn the fundamentals of lawn bowls.

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Short Mat

Short mat enables us to bring lawn bowls to the wider community, including Tanjong Pagar at 9-11am on Tuesdays and St. Hilda's at 9-11am on Wednesdays. Our short mat league enables the sport to be brought close to home and played in community centers around Singapore.

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Who We Are

Lawn bowls is a popular precision game across the world and suitable for participants of all ages and abilities. The object of lawn bowls is to roll a ball, or bowl, closest to the target ball, a small white/yellow ball called a jack. The bowl's design, slightly flattened on one side, creates the challenge of the game. The shape of the ball causes it to travel a curved path, or bias. A bowler determines the bias direction of the bowl in his hand by a dimple or symbol on one side.

Lawn bowls requires little equipment: a set of matching bowls; a pair of flat, smooth shoes; a jack and a mat. Two teams compete, each with 1-4 players. Usually, lawn bowls takes place outdoors on a green, grass or synthetic surface.

In recent years, the outdoor games have been modified for indoor play with a carpet of 15m x 2m, this "Short Mat Bowls" version is now popular in Community Centres, Schools and Sport Clubs.


Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with lawn bowls in Singapore. Join us at the Kallang Green, adjacent to the Kallang Squash and Tennis Center at 8 Stadium Blvd, Singapore 397804 for our practice sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6-9pm or Saturdays from 5-8pm. Sign up as a volunteer to help our non-profit organization grow the sport in Singapore. Eligible donations to our cause may qualify for 2.5x tax relief in Singapore via International donations are also accepted via online.

Hear From Players At Lawn Bowling

Beneficiary of President's Challenge 2021: Khirmern B Mohamad

Khirmern aged 51,  had an accident that resulted in one of his legs being amputated from his thigh down. That unfortunate incident happened in 2005 and it resulted in the loss of his job. He moved around with clutches and had caused instability in his movements. The double whammies had led to his depression which lasted for a few years. In 2009, with the support of his family, he decided to get on with life and finally found a job. He was also fixed with an artificial leg and after some weeks of rehab sessions, he bounced back into life.
In 2015, he found his love and got married thereafter and was blessed with a son in 2019.
In 2018, he met one of our Executive committee members from the Lawn Bowls Association for the Disabled (Singapore) aka Parabowls who invited him to bowl with us at Kallang Green. After 40 mins of chit-chatting, Khirmern was convinced that he must take up a sport seriously if he were to build himself up physically and to equip himself with life skills emotionally & mentally. This then kick-started his sport journey with our Association and Khirmern came under the tutelage of 2 coaches, namely Bernard & Helen.
Coach Helen spotted his potential and continued to impart the lawn bowls' skills & strategies to her protege. His good attitude combined with his consistent and unrelenting spirit in learning the sport, he became one of our Association's pride.
He sets an exemplary model to the other disabled bowlers by his never-say-die training enthusiasm. He seizes all opportunities to improve himself by participating in as many local competitions as he could.  His main purposes are to hone his lawn bowls skills and benchmark his standard among his competitors. The latest opportunity is that he is permitted to compete with the able-bodied bowlers in the on-going interclubs' competitions. He is still in the race, winning many games.   His ability stood out so much so that he is invited to be trained with the national and able-bodied bowlers. This is a great honor for our Association to be recognised by the able-bodied world.
Our Association strongly believes that Khirmern will continue to soar in the lawn bowls sport, given his grit and courage.
To sum up, his disability does not deter his ability to perform as good or even better than others.
Khirmern indeed befits to be a worthy beneficiary of the President Challenge 2021!

Special Feature: Coach Helen

Congratulations to Coach Helen for the feature by Coach SG on their Instagram page!

I believe all the coaches' biggest wish is to see all of you improving & enjoying the game. All of us from Parabowl CoachTeam will continue to do our best. Lets work hard together. Happy Bowling, cheers!

- Coach Helen


Well done, Helen for your devotion to the parabowlers! They could feel your sincerity and appreciated u.  Parabowls is very proud of all our coaches and we thank and salute all.

- Mr Chin, VP (Sports)