There are many inspiring stories that follow our players. Here, we wish to share some of these stories and the inspiration our players bring.

Joseph Chia

Joseph aged 65 suffered from poliomyelitis from young and was confined to the wheelchair for the rest of his life. He was sent to stay in the Home by his parents due to their poverty and inability to care for him. After completing his secondary school 2 education, he started to work in SPD at the age of 17 years old. He worked hard and he left to stay on his own in a HDB flat at the age of 40. What a remarkable feat for him to achieve despite his life challenges!

Joseph believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit when he joined the Lawn Bowls Association for the Disabled (Singapore). He is an avid lawn bowler and he attends regularly the squad training which is conducted twice weekly. He is committed with the training given and has diligently followed with the circuit drills. Besides that, he would train on his own outside those training hours, displaying his tenacity and passion for the sport.

Not surprisingly, he was selected and competed in overseas tournaments in various countries namely Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea. He was also selected to compete in the International Merlion Challenge hosted by our Association for the past few years.. It is a bi-annual event whereby other disabled bowlers from the various countries participated. The countries invited include Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

We are very grateful to the President Challenge which sponsors the Merlion competition as they believe and trust in our Association’s vision and mission. With such a belief, Joseph and other disabled bowlers are able to continue with their passion and dream in the Merlion Challenge.

Johnny Seah

Johnny like Joseph Chia, is a committed lawn bowler. He also suffered poliomyelitis from young and is confined to the wheelchair. Despite his disability, he worked hard in his working life. After his retirement, he did not compromise on his mental and physical health. He believes in keeping fit and decided to participate in the disabled sports. Hence, he joined our Lawn Bowls Association for the Disabled (Singapore) to be a lawn bowler. He takes his weekly squad training seriously. With his positive attitudes, he participated in overseas competitions and tournaments. He is being spotted as a team player and is willing to listen to his coach, co-operate with his team mates and apply what he has learnt from the sport.

We regard Johnny as an asset to the Association and we do not hesitate to help realise his potential to the fullest.

To help us continue supporting our players, we need your help! Every contribution, be it a donation or volunteering your time, will go a long way to help our players remain active and continue to be an inspiration for us all