Dear friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in one way or another, in both the Sport and Lawn Bowls Association for the Disabled (Singapore) (Parabowls Singapore).

We have gone a long way since the inception of Parabowls Singapore back in 2004; our mission to enable and empower sportsmen with disabilities to excel in lawn bowls, and to engage the disabled and its larger community to participate and enjoy the sport. To achieve this, we try our best to ensure that our bowlers get the required training that they need to compete at home and overseas, and to fly the Singapore Flag high.

Sport keeps one healthy and acts as a catalyst for a confidence boost. Participation from persons with disabilities in sports also creates opportunities for them in society and helps move us towards a more inclusive Singapore. To encourage physically challenged Singaporeans to adopt lawn bowling as their choice of sport for a healthy and active lifestyle, we have recently introduced the sport to the members of the Singapore Association for the Visually Impaired (SAVH) and we will continue to establish and cement such partnerships with various agencies and organisations.

In view of an ageing population in Singapore, Parabowls Singapore has also expanded its mission in the recent years to promote lawn bowling to the elderly in hospitals, homes and mature estates. The association actively engages the elderly community in St Hilda’s Community Services Centre & Tanjong Pagar Residents’ Committee with the short mat version customised specifically for the elderly. In addition, we had stepped up outreach to the larger community in Ang Mo Kio and Bishan areas over the past year.

On this note, we are honoured to serve alongside members and sportsmen with disabilities, all of whom are passionate about lawn bowling. Let’s aim to put in our best efforts to make sure that our sportsmen get the best training possible, and that the community-at-large gets to enjoy the benefits of this inclusive sport.

Thank you

Mr James Chia